Bioglykol - Lindesnes Brygghus Case Study

‘Green’ heat transfer fluid to keep beer flowing in Norway 

Energy Rent AS selects Kilfrost’s Cooltrans Sustain CTS fluid for use in cooling system

Lindesnes Brygghus is a micro-brewery established in Norway in 2011. The company brews a wide variety of beers ranging from golden, dark and bitter. They are sold at approximately one hundred locations in Norway. The company is currently producing 150,000 0.5 litre bottles per year, with plans to double this within the next year. 

To ensure the safety and longevity of Lindesnes Brygghus’s products, they must be stored and processed at the correct temperature. As a result, there is a requirement for effective and reliable cooling and refrigeration systems. Heat transfer fluids are a vital part of these systems, removing heat from a process, whether this is to chill a food or drink production line or to store products at a safe temperature.  

Assessing the impact of heat transfer fluids

The brewery engaged with Energy Rent AS, a company specialising in products including chillers, pump modules and heat exchanger modules for hydraulic separation. Any heat transfer fluid used within the cooling system needed to have low toxicity to ensure product safety and the well being of those working in the processing plant. 

Lindesnes Brygghus was also looking for a system that would be reliable and reduce the need for maintenance. In the processing industries, time is money. The production line needed to experience minimal downtime. Poor quality fluids can increase the need for regular maintenance and in some cases, expensive repairs due to leakages or system failures. As a new brewery, Lindesnes Brygghus needed to be confident that the right volume of beer could be supplied to stockists on schedule.   

The brewery also wanted a system with longevity in order to maximise the upfront investment. Due to issues such as corrosion, bacterial growth and scaling, the life span of a cooling system depends on fluid quality. 

Finding a solution to ensure reliability and safety

Energy Rent required a heat transfer fluid that would ensure the reliability and longevity of its system. In February 2013, Kilfrost’s Cooltrans Sustain CTS fluid was selected for use in the micro-brewery. This is a propylene glycol-based concentrate fluid manufactured from corn-sugar derived glycol. It is both sustainable and completely recyclable. 

Not only does the fluid's production see a large reduction in the consumption of non-renewable energy, the product itself is readily biodegradable and has low toxicity levels. As a result, it is ideally suited for use in indirect food and beverage cooling applications. 

All of Kilfrost’s heat transfer fluids exceed the ASTM D1384-05 corrosion test standard, meaning they provide high levels of system corrosion protection. This will ultimately reduce the need for expensive system maintenance and repairs within the micro-brewery. 

Morten Magnusson, Managing Director at Energy Rent AS commented: “We decided to use Kilfrost’s fluids within our systems as they are serious about their business and the importance of quality heat transfer fluids. The impact that poor quality fluids can have on the condition of cooling systems should not be underestimated. To give our customers greater confidence in our systems, it is important that high quality fluids are specified. 

”Kilfrost has also offered us excellent customer service and support. The team really wants to help us to be as good as we can be in our business. As end users continue to be happy with the reliability and longevity of our systems, we are providing more and more customers with Kilfrost’s inhibited glycol heat transfer fluids.”

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